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“Christopher?” That deep baritone had once been as familiar as…well, choose your favorite domestic simile. That voice had once been as familiar as J.X.’s because that was the role in my life the owner of the voice had played.

“David.” My own voice was surprisingly flat, given the way emotions were zinging up and down my nervous system, emergency flares and shorts in the circuitry following in their wake.

“I had a visit from the police a few hours ago.” His voice was shaking. “They told me they found a body in our backyard. Our old backyard. Your backyard. You killed him, didn’t you? You killed Dicky!”


"Josh Lanyon pulls you in from page one with fast paced adventure, wonderful characters, zippy dialog, brutal, sword-through-the-heart longing. She has an ability to rise above the sexual content and expose the very heart of a character."

L.B. Gregg

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