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All I Want for Christmas

In 2012 I began a holiday tradition of writing Christmas codas for some of my — and your — favorite stories. I ran the codas on my blog and left them up there for readers to enjoy all year round. Then readers began hinting that the codas should be rounded up and made available for purchase…

Josh thought that was a fun idea, but felt the stories alone weren’t enough, so some recipes for cocktails and dishes were added; recipes that, in Josh’s words, “are either featured in the original works or seem to add some final comment or insight into the era or the characters or their relationship.”
Sound good? We thought so, and did just that. That first collection was called Merry Christmas, Darling. The idea proved so popular  that a few years later we unleashed our second e-collection of Christmas Codas, and called it Christmas Waltz.
Now we’ve rounded up all the codas and all the recipes in a neat little volume we’re calling All I Want for Christmas.
Happy holidays from all of us to all of you! 
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