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Garh. She makes me crazy cuz it's sooooo good, but so goddamn atypical of what's out there. Her stories never end with a wedding, baby, ring, sashaying down the lane hand in hand with song birds and the blooms of spring. They end manly. With a smile in the dark.

Lisabea for Nose in a Book
Over 600 pages and 200,000 words! This box set contains six complete bestselling mystery and suspense novellas by one of the leading authors of Male/Male crime and mystery fiction.
Includes The Dark Horse, A Vintage Affair, Blood Red Butterfly, Don’t Look Back, Lovers and Other Strangers, and Cards on the Table. 


Later, when we were undressing for bed, I said impulsively, “I thought I saw Paul Hammond today.”

Dan, mid-shooting his boxers into the dirty clothes hamper, halted and turned my way. “Where?”

“On the hill behind the house.”

I knew immediately it had been a mistake to tell him. He continued to study me for a long moment, not saying anything, just assessing the situation like a good detective.

I said quickly, “I know it couldn’t have been him. It just…spooked me. It looked like him from a distance.”

“What was he doing?” I knew that neutral tone.

“Nothing. I mean, I guess he was looking out at the ocean. He waved to me.” Dan’s face changed. Before he could say anything I qualified, “I mean, I was staring his way and he waved to me, so obviously he couldn’t have been Paul Hammond. Especially since he’s dead.”

Okay. Shut up now.

Dan said, “It’s natural after a year of that bullshit that you’re still keeping an eye out for him. And it’s natural that somebody with Hammond’s build or coloring would remind you of him.”

I nodded. Was he trying to reassure me or himself?