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Very cool new logo by Johanna Ollila for the 2019 Catalina Meet!





This is your chance to complete your Josh Lanyon library. Nearly all my work has been cut to 50% when you purchase through the sale catalog. Next month most of these older, non series titles will be removed while I figure out the best way to repackage and market them. I’m giving you as much warning as I can ahead of time.



In Other Words… Murder, the long promised fourth book in the Holmes & Moriarity series is now available–and it’s still at the pre-order price of $4.99 thru the end of July.

Mystery author and sometimes amateur sleuth Christopher Holmes is now happily (all things being relative) engaged to be married and toying with starting a new career as a true-crime writer when he learns a body has been discovered in the backyard of his former home.
Then, to complicate matters, Christopher’s ex turns up out of the blue, suggesting the body may belong to Christopher’s former personal assistant.
It’s life as usual at Chez Holmes. In other words… Murder.

The book will be available in print as well as audio–we’ll keep you posted! 

The final book in the series, The 12.2 Per-Cent-Solution is scheduled for 2020


Now that you’ve had a chance to check it out, any suggestions for our new website?

We’ve opted for a much more simple and streamlined approach this time around. You can now search books by format, length, series–in addition to a variety of keywords such as Amateur Sleuth, Hurt-Comfort, Spec Fiction, Law Enforcement Officers, etc.

Another cool feature allows us to upload the first chapter of most audio books on their book page, so if you’re not sure audio is right for you, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to give it a test run.

For example, here’s the first chapter of THE MAGICIAN MURDERS narrated by Kale Williams:


In addition to links to our Zazzle Store and all social media outlets, you can take a look at what projects Josh has next lined up–as well as what she’s reading.

And speaking of our Zazzle Store, are there any particular items you wish we would make available for purchase? Any ideas as to T-shirts, collectibles, etc.?

Did you miss Josh’s latest release from Carina Press?


This cozy, kooky standalone is available in print, ebook, and audio.

 Click here  to listen to a snippet


Good news for Japanese readers. Shinshokan has purchased translation rights for The Mermaid Murders as Well as plenty of fish.

Good news for Thai readers too! The first three Holmes & Moriarity books are being readying for publication even as we type. Here’s a look at the (frankly adorable) cover for The Boy With the Painful Tattoo.


The audio book for The Magician Murders (Book III in The Art of Murder series) is now  available!


(Narrated by Kale Williams)



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It’s an idea as old as art itself. Patronage of the arts. Sometimes that patronage means donating to a museum or the Met or your favorite author. In the case of Josh’s Patreon account, it means lots of extras and exclusives in exchange for enabling Josh to retain artistic autonomy in a publishing world increasingly dominated by Amazon.

Among other goodies is Séance on a Summer’s Night, a serialized novel exclusive to Patreon.

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The results are in for the 2018 Goodreads M/M Romance Members Awards and Josh’s books placed within the top three in several categories! Here are Josh’s award placements:
Best Action/Suspense/Adventure
First Place – Fair Chance
Third Place – The Monet Murders
Best Cover Art
Third Place – The Monet Murders (Cover by Johanna Ollila)
Best Law Enforcement (Cops/Private Investigators)
Second Place – Fair Chance
Best Mystery/Whodunit
First Place – The Monet Murders
Second Place – Fair Chance
Best Main Character
Second Place – Adrien English in So This is Christmas
“Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote!,” Josh says, “And a very special thank you and congratulations to Johanna Ollila for that gorgeous cover on The Monet Murders!”
Angels We Have Heard on High! Okay, maybe not. But we’ve heard Kale Williams’ narrate the final Adrien English novella So This is Christmas–and it’s wonderful!
You can purchase it through Audible or Amazon right now.
Josh’s annual Advent Calendar is in full swing on the JustJoshin Blog. Every day there’s something new and festive and fun, be it fiction, art or giveaways (lots and lots of giveaways)! It’s a lovely way to start each day of the holiday season.